Paris Fealy – VP of Sales -Classic Brands

I met Paris years ago and we hadn’t gotten to work together until lately. He’s an industry vet, he’s worked retail, as manufacturer’s rep, and in the context I’ve gotten to know him as one of the most creative minds in sleep products. He’s sharp and a grinder. Hope you enjoy the listen.

Eric Beebee from Mantua / Rize

Pat’s got Eric Beebee from Mantua / Rize in studio to talk about the health benefits of adjustable foundations, how to treat your own back, the business of bedframes and the state of the industry. #sleeprules

Stop being sold a mattress

                  You walk into a store looking for a new bed in a sea of beds and then you hear: “Welcome to Mattress Shack! Right now we have the biggest sale of the Universe! So let me show you this expensive bed and only this bed because you don’t matter to me.”                   Now that…