Stop being sold a mattress

                  You walk into a store looking for a new bed in a sea of beds and then you hear:
“Welcome to Mattress Shack! Right now we have the biggest sale of the Universe! So let me show you this expensive bed and only this bed because you don’t matter to me.”

                  Now that isn’t exactly what is said, but Mr. Sales Guy is telling you that with his actions.  Then as they don’t listen to what you are even saying, the sea of beds pretty much overwhelms you and you are drowning in uncertainty. Defeated you go home and those online beds in a box look enticing. Which one of those should I get? Well…..Bed N Tha Box tells you they are the BESTEST and that Podcast host tells you they are and a bunch of 5 star reviews from who knows tell you that is the one.


Don’t be sold a bed. Get fitted for YOUR best Sleep System. Sleep System is a pillow, mattress, mattress protector, and/or motion base. Sleep Specialists at Mattress Direct are here to help YOU find the right fit. We know these mattresses and which ones will fit you best. We just need you to come in and let us point you in the right direction. Mattress Direct has a mattress for any budget and have payment plans for everyone. Lowest Nationwide Guaranteed Prices, so rest assured you don’t have to “haggle” for a better deal.  You will see beds in your comfort and price range.